Whipple Consulting Engineers

Since our beginnings, Whipple Consulting Engineers has established a reputation for high quality work to meet the needs of our clients. We take pride in providing personalized and competent professional services, utilizing the combined experience of a dedicated senior level staff. WCE can assist you in the development of your project in the areas of Entitlements, Land Planning, Civil, Structural and Traffic Engineering, Landscape Architecture and Land Surveying.

Our Mission

Whipple Consulting Engineers is committed to producing qualify, cost-effective and innovative engineering solutions while prioritizing the protection and well-being of the public.

Our History

On March 15th, 2004, Todd Whipple went to work in the morning for one company and came home that afternoon having founded Whipple Consulting Engineers. With his previous company’s reorganization, Mr. Whipple still had clients with work to be done. Without missing a beat he applied for a business license and started WCE out of the Whipple home.

Before two months had passed the new company had an office, four employees, and more than enough work to keep them busy. Over the next couple of years WCE took on more and more projects and the small space became overly crowded, so in June of 2006 we moved to a larger office with room to expand.

In the beginning of 2009 we had grown to become a booming organization with 40 employees. We specialized in residential subdivisions and business was good. That same year, the Great American Recession finally hit Eastern Washington. By October we had drastically scaled down to just four full-time and six part-time employees. Times were tough.

Whipple Consulting Engineers came out of the slump with a new perspective. The hard times inspired Mr. Whipple to attempt to recession-proof his business. While pre-2009 WCE hosted only civil engineering and land surveying departments primarily engaged in residential subdivisions, the new WCE grew to include structural engineering and landscape architecture. We transitioned from only five percent non-single family work to forty-five percent, and took on a more multifaceted load including multi-family, large and small commercial, office, medical, warehouse and industrial projects. Single-family residential still makes up the greatest portion of our work- and always will.

Today’s WCE is a more flexible company with expertise in multiple disciplines. We've moved to our own space on 21 South Pines. Our clientele is diverse and our engineers are up for any challenge. Our desire to learn and grow as a company is strong. Mr. Whipple intends to continue the trend of expansion by one day adding a mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and plumbing (MEP) department. 

Although over the years Whipple Consulting Engineers has taken several forms, one thing has remained the same- WCE is committed to providing our clients with personal service and uncompromising quality.